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A synapse is defined as the gap between two nerve cells where a nerve impulse is passed from one to the other. More loosely defined, it is a junction. Although the strength of the metaphor is questionable, this website will hopefully serve as something as a junction for authors and visitors. Feel free to leave comments on any and all posts.

If you came here in search of soft pillowcases or information about them, someone has lied to you and I apologize on their behalf.

Times are EST.

The header picture is the downtown Chicago skyline viewed from the *Adler Planetarium *on Lake Michigan.


You can e-mail us *here.


Kevin – Long Island, NY

Chazz – Deerfield, IL

Andrew – Shanty under I-90, IL

Karen – San Diego, CA

Dan – Urbana, IL

Mike – Chicago, IL

Michael – Washington, D.C.

Alison – Houston, TX

Patrick – Bloomington, IN

Vishal – Nashville, TN

Anya – Long Island, NY

Tim – Madison, WI

Scott – Maebashi, Japan

Some history:

For those of you who have known me for a while, you’d know this is something like the fourth iteration of My Fake Site, the last successful one being ver. Burgundy.

ver. blue (2000?-2001) – First began on Tripod, and then moved to Angelfire (which I believe are the same company now). Later integration with Blogger (now owned by Google). Built with Photoshop and Notepad.

ver. burgundy (2001-2002) – A major improvement over the previous version, with a typeface theme, BBS, and Greymatter base. Included my beginnings with PHP and CSS. Built with Photoshop and Notepad.

ver. radiohead (2003-2006) – Somewhat of a placeholder for a real website, published using my undergraduate institution’s 2 MB student webspace. The site was unique in that it was a pop-up, with links to a rarely updated webcam and even less updated news section.

ver. synapse (2007- )- The form you are browsing now. Based on WordPress, with a heavily modified theme (info at the page footer) and various plug-ins. The first true version with multiple authors.

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