Election Videos: "lol…no wait srsly, guys"

Posted on Saturday, September 13th, 2008 at 1:52 pm.

Here’s some recent political footage, spanning the gamut from silly and fake to dire and all-to-real. Enjoy.

First, the climax of the Republican National Convention, for those who missed it:


Second, Matt Damon’s simple but astute commentary on Palin:

Third, a funny counter to Matt Damon’s video. There were hundreds of video replies and many were good, but this one of the most relevant and gives the other perspective.

On the more serious side, has anyone seen the Gibson interview of Palin yet? How can anyone not realized she is a robot programmed to rehearse talking points by McCain’s team? She appears confused, and her responses have absolutely no depth. When she is asked to be more specific, she repeats the same vague words over and over. Watch part 1 below:

For a fair comparison, I’ll show an Obama interview too (let’s face it, McCain and Biden are boring). Conservatives have been bitching that the media goes easy on Obama and grills Palin, so I won’t show Obama’s Gibson interview. Instead, here is the first part of a 40-minute interview with Bill O’Reilly. Even O’Reilly admitted later that Obama was tougher than he expected and that he was impressed at how calm and determined he was. Parts 2-4 can be found on the video page.

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