a realization about Vishal’s favorite anime genre…

Posted on Sunday, January 6th, 2008 at 7:40 am.

After a great Christmas in America and New Years in Japan with Tsubasa and her family (Tsubasa’s parents treated me like a king, another great perk of dating a Japanese girl :) ) I am back at my apartment and just about to start the new trimester at my schools. Because I have nothing to do at the moment, I decided to rent some anime from the video store. Being in the mood for one of Vishal’s infamous harem animes, I picked up a copy of the first four episodes of “Ichigo 100%.”

Anyway, I was watching this classic harem anime for a few minutes, and it was pretty standard… Boy meets girl, boy wants to see girl’s panties, boy sees girl’s panties a lot, fantasizes about the girl… etc. Then, as the plot developed, something terrible happened… they revealed the characters’ ages and they were… MIDDLE SCHOOL STUDENTS!!!!!

Perhaps this does not make sense to those of you who are not teachers in Japan, but let me assure you that once you realize that you are watching fan service of kids the age of your students, this fan service immediately loses any appeal it may have had…

When you see the middle school girl lifting up her skirt (which by the way is not actually that short in middle school, only in high school) and the guy gawking at her, you can’t help but think of the girls and boys at your school.

“Oh, that’s like my kids in class 3-C at Tomisuhara… Aw… shit no!!!! I’m staring at the panties of an animated version of the girl in class who has an admiring oniichan/senpai crush on me at my school… I’m a sick, demented weirdo…”

I may have officially outgrown harem anime, mainly because I really am trusted and respected by many of the sex-object girls portrayed within, and that’s a bit too much to stomach… It’s so much easier when the setting of a Japanese school is foreign and mysterious. When it’s a realistic setting and you can picture the kids in unanimated form, anime gets a little weird…

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  1. Comment by V-diddy:

    Oh hey guys I’m in THIS POST.


    Anyways, uh yea, I really need to stop reading those.


  2. Comment by Kevin:

    Hot victim?

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