3000, Cell Phone pics, and Pittsburgh

Posted on Friday, May 23rd, 2008 at 3:36 pm.

This has nothing to do with this post. Click to see animated version.

We’ve surpassed 3000 hits, and what pleases me is that this last 1k accumulated faster than the *2nd. A while back I found my old site files, so I added a few pictures to the *about page.

I wish all of you a nice holiday; I keep forgetting I get Monday off but every time I remember, a smile comes to my face and an angel gets its wings.


I couldn’t find the chocolate chip variety showcased by the Daily Show.

“Reusable ice cubes.” Really? Really?

Usually there’s something to look forward to every week for work; the first Monday of the week is New Hire day, when all the new people start and donuts and bagels are given to all employees. The third Monday is Staff Meeting day, where a free lunch is provided. The last week has pay day. I guess the second week doesn’t really have anything, but that’s forgivable.

Anyway, the point of this is the donuts. You can tell how mass produced they are because you can still see the *hexagonal cutter shape in the final product:

Of course, that doesn’t make them any less delicious. Speaking of delicious, they also gave me chocolates for my birthday:

I ate them all before a meeting and my head exploded.

Monday evening I got a call from my boss asking if I could go to Pittsburgh for a few days as a replacement for support at a Gyn clinic; the person slated to go had a death in the family, hence the short notice. It wasn’t a bad trip, but it would have been nice if I went with someone else from our company (as these trips usually work); I joked with a co-worker that if I died at some point during my travels nobody would know for a week.

Here are some pictures I took:

I guess I can add these to my collection of *trip pictures, yeah?

I like that the LCD HDTVs are becoming more prominent in these hotels…which makes me wonder what they’re doing with all the TVs they’re replacing. I remember Patrick’s roommate freshman year bought a chair/couch thing from the hotel undergoing renovation. I don’t want to think about how many STDs he got by sitting in it. Or maybe I do; he was kind of a dick.

A plus about these trips is the reimbursements for expenses; hence, crab cakes for dinner.

In my defense, I wasn’t given a rental car so room service was obviously the only option.

Pittsburgh seemed like a pretty cool city, even though I didn’t spend much time out of the hospital, cab, or hotel. During a cab ride into the city, I saw a giant Froggy sign; if you’re like me, you only know of it because of The Office:

Probably the most surreal moment of the trip was when I was trying to get a cab back to the airport from the Women’s hospital; apparently traffic was really bad so it took about 30 minutes for the cab to arrive, and there were a few of us in front of the hospital waiting for one. In addition to the fact that my first request for a cab didn’t get entered correctly, it was cutting close to my flight time. However, as I was getting into the cab, I couldn’t help but wonder if I should have let the old one-legged woman in a wheelchair take it instead.

In my defense, Mike can vouch that I helped an old woman (sort of) cross a street this past winter. It should equal out, right? Right?

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