Posted on Friday, May 2nd, 2008 at 12:05 am.

Hockey players and fans have a nice little tradition every spring: the Playoff Beard. Namely, no shaving while your team is still in the playoffs, and has a shot at Lord Stanley’s Cup. I love the tradition, as I personally think beards are fucking badass, and there’s nothing like 220 pound men carrying sticks at 20 mph with sharpened blades on their feet looking like fucking mad men with mountain man beards. The fans are no different.

Alot of fans, including myself, adhere to the tradition rather religiously. Hence, two weeks ago I gave a paper presentation at a conference and met with an historian from the Institute for Social Research in Hamburg while dressed in a very nice suit, but sporting a shaggy dark brown beard (no trimming in this tradition). For anyone not knowing why I looked that way, I must have looked hilarious.

Unfortunately, today my playoff run came to an end. I usually sport a small beard on my chin or goatee, so my playoff beard was extra big. However, thanks to an 8-2 drubbing and a 4-0 sweep of my beloved Avs to the evil, baby-eating Detroit Red Wings, It all had to go.

So for the first time in about 3 years, I am totally shaven, which I can imagine is kind of unfathomable to my friends from Northwestern, who haven’t seen me like this since before I went to Germany.

P.S. Kevin, now that the Avs have suffered their second to worst loss to the Red Wings ever, now would be a great time to bust out the XBOX 360 that I know you were planning on giving me, right? right???

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  1. Comment by Kevin:

    I remember discovering this tradition freshman year when many a morning I would meet a mountain man brushing his teeth in the men’s bathroom. His name was Magumba.

    And yeah, I can give you an xbox 360. You just have to come here to pick it up. Shipping is a bitch.

    I seriously will get you one if you actually drive up here…heh; your gas bill will probably be as much as buying one anyway.

  2. Comment by Patrick:

    Hehe, Amy and I were just talking about driving up to see you in Madison this summer.

  3. Comment by Michael:

    Everyone made fun of me at work today for the Avs loss to the evil.

  4. Comment by Kevin:

    Lol that’s pretty dickish. Are a lot of them RW fans?

  5. Comment by Michael:

    No, only 1 was. The others were just dicks.

  6. Comment by Kevin:


  7. Comment by Patrick:

    Fucking horrible loss. The only worse one was Roy’s 7-0 egg in game 7 of the Western Conference Finals in 2002. At least this Avs team wasn’t nearly as good as the 2002 one; we had no chance of winning this series.

    But anyways, I hope Dallas trounces them in the Conference Finals, and then Pittsburgh takes down whoever comes out of the West.

  8. Comment by Michael:

    Ya, the Wings fan was getting on my case about that 2002 game too.

  9. Comment by Patrick:

    I’ve probably met about 30 Wings fans in my life, and I can only remember two of them not being total assholes. I guess it’s understandable though, at the end of the day, win or lose, they still have to live in Detroit.

  10. Comment by Kevin:

    Oh man, I found that really humorous.

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