Best Cry Ever

Posted on Sunday, February 20th, 2011 at 1:13 am.

Remix after the break.

I just had to share this with anyone that hasn’t seen it before because this is the first time I’ve really laughed in a long while. Sure I chuckle at funny sayings or stupid things that happen, but this one evoked a real belly laugh that made me feel good and alive.

I watched the original about five times before checking out the autotune. I thought I’d casually watch the autotune because:

1. I’d seen the original so many times.
2. In general I don’t find autotune things very amusing.

I casually clicked the link and watched while taking a sip of beer and ended up spitting it up all over my desk / monitor. Everything about his cry is hilarious. The buildup, the abrupt start, the strange sound, and the way it ends. I hope this guy the best in whatever he’s recovering from, but man does he have a funny cry.

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  1. Comment by Mike:

    haha, here’s another remix. I’m listening to this while I work.

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