MarioKart Wii and some other games

Posted on Monday, April 28th, 2008 at 11:15 pm.

I normally try not to post about video games, as it’s a subject that not everyone enjoys hearing about. However, I can wager that most of you readers have played some incarnation of MarioKart at some point in your life. You also probably know that almost anyone can pick up a controller and play. The latest version on the Wii is no different.

Well, maybe a little different:

As you might have seen, this iteration comes with one racing wheel that houses the Wiimote, allowing you to steer the car simply by turning the wheel. As gimmicky as it looks, the performance is quite impressive.

There are some new additions, such as racing on motorcycles as well as the standard karts. You can also do tricks off of jumps. There are new characters joining former rosters, like baby Daisy.

Some things are still constant though; Rainbow Road is still a migraine-inducing bitch. Who thought it was a good idea to build a racetrack in space with no walls? My guess is the same person who approved baby princesses racing on motorbikes. I still recommend any Wii owners to purchase this game.


Xbox Live has a feature called Marketplace; you can download trailers for upcoming games and movies, game demos, full games, and even television episodes. Recently a demo came out for a game I had be interested in since its announcement. Operation Darkness is a tactical game set during World War II. Sure, sounds great.

This is a typical tactics game interface. But wait…

Transform into a werewolf, it says.

The boss character I had to defeat for the demo also was a bit eerie:

It’s Conan O’Brien! But named “Needle,” for some reason.

I gave it a shot anyway, but after I tried to fight a tank, it ran over one of my characters and I promptly quit.


Lastly, most gamers know tomorrow is the release date for a very anticipated title: *Grand Theft Auto IV. With all the prior games getting plenty of media attention, this one will be no different. Most stores will be holding midnight launches tonight, but I will be picking my copy up after work tomorrow. I know a few of you are fans of the series…maybe this will give you inspiration to finally get a new console.

10 comments to “MarioKart Wii and some other games”

  1. Comment by Patrick:

    I feel like that last sentence was spoken directly AT ME!

    I’m gonna get Mariokartwii, but I’ll have to put it off for a little while, as I unfortunately…*duh duh duh*…am gonna have to take an incomplete on this paper I’m working on now. There’s just no way I will be able to finish it by friday.

    But anyways, goddamnit I want a Wii60!

  2. Comment by Patrick:

    Oh, and you may not be able to tell, but I would kill a hobo if it meant I could play GTAIV.

  3. Comment by Alison:

    “My guess is the same person who approved baby princesses racing on motorbikes.”

    hahaha man rainbow road is the worst :P

    are you going to get wii fit when it comes out? I will have a wii at my place in august (yay!) so I think I need to start budgeting for games…

  4. Comment by Jon:

    My coworker thinks it’s an awesome game, worthy of purchasing a Wii for. I never had any desire for a Wii before, but this game tempts me.

    I guess I would then have a PSWii, or WiiS3.

  5. Comment by Patrick:

    Just lettin’you know that Amy and I went to Sam’s Club and picked up Mariokart Wii. It’s awesome, though the Rubber-Band AI is annoying.

  6. Comment by Patrick:

    I fucking hate Blue Shells

  7. Comment by Michael:

    My roommate bought mariokart wii as well.

  8. Comment by Kevin:

    3007-8484-0216. The code is located on the friends screen in the nintendo wfc section.

  9. Comment by Patrick:

    Patrick: 2062-9738-4432
    Amy: 4296-3568-4191

    Add ’em both, because we often play on both accounts.

  10. Comment by Michael:

    sweet i’ll post our’s up next time i play on it

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