iSketch – 4/27/08

Posted on Sunday, April 27th, 2008 at 11:18 pm.

Great turnout this week. Plenty of good screengrabs this time too. More after the cut.

Jon’s (a different Jon from the usual Jon, from this point referred to as Jon2) excellent use of arrows.


Andrew’s masterful work…after 2 other attempts.

The night’s other video game reference. Sorry Jon (1), the color got messed up when I pasted this.

I’m proud of this one, as I drew it.

One of Tim’s clearer illustrations.

One of Tim’s normal, confusing drawings.

Also Tim. I don’t know what that “U” is for in the corner.

I don’t know who drew this one, but it deserved to be put up.

The show of emotion is key.

Jon2. As someone remarked, cashbread was a good guess.

Anya. Notice the detail with the backwards “R.” Also, the girl looks like an elephant.

Jason once again wins Prettiest Drawing. Quite admirable.

Hope to see you next week!

2 comments to “iSketch – 4/27/08”

  1. Comment by Anya:

    first comment, WIN.

    that girl in the clubhouse drawing was supposed to be sticking her tongue out.

    i just didn’t get to the mouth.

  2. Comment by Jon:

    You people need to play more Zelda so you can get my obscure videogame reference to Navi (the fairy) and HEY LISTEN! HEY! WATCH OUT!

    I am so disappointed I didn’t get points for cashbread. The word recognition system they use is clearly flawed.

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