Batman, son of Suparman

Posted on Sunday, April 27th, 2008 at 9:13 pm.…

You can judge for yourselves, but by all indications it doesn’t seem to be a photoshop. The arabic matches perfectly, and he was mentioned by a blogger a few years back as his friend:…

Another person who supposedly received a call from him at a call center mentions him as well 2 years after that:

Either way, this guy’s dad’s name is Suparman (apparently how they spell Superman…), and his name is Batman…

2 comments to “Batman, son of Suparman”

  1. Comment by Mike:

    Wow, talk about an hero… has 4chan heard about this yet?

  2. Comment by Kevin:

    That first blog is such typical high school website design / formatting. I can remember those days.

    That is awesome though.

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