Death Valley

Posted on Tuesday, March 30th, 2010 at 2:13 pm.

Nat and I spent last week visiting Death Valley National Park (and Las Vegas, for a day).  I picked out the best pictures, uploaded them to Picasa,  and added pretty extensive commentary.  It would have been too many pictures to fit reasonably in a post here, plus I wanted to share them with with people outside of this site’s crowd, so hopefully I will be forgiven for linking to another site instead of posting directly here.  Check it out:

Remember that you can view them full screen by clicking the full screen button in the top left.  It let me upload them at fairly high res (1200×1600) so full screen looks good.

2 comments to “Death Valley”

  1. Comment by Kevin:

    Sweet pics, dude. I’m glad you took so many, they’re all awesome. Seems like you and Nat had a really good time.

  2. Comment by Mike:

    Yeah, it was a cool trip and a lot of fun. Definitely sucks to be back.

    We took around 600 pictures plus 10 short movies. I try to take tons of pictures without a lot of thought or preparation with the hope that a decent percentage will come out well. I had to narrow it down quite a bit for the online album.

    It was nice to get some good use out of my camera (the same one from my Black Friday post), which has sat around a lot since the I got my iPhone, giving me a decent camera in my pocket at all times. I bought an extra battery for 10 bucks but I never had to use it – the battery life on this thing is amazing considering how much I used it and how tiny the battery is. I should have gotten an extra SD card instead. Oh well.

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