back from the dead… and with thoughts of a mission

Posted on Saturday, March 13th, 2010 at 6:50 pm.

Hey guys, I know it’s been awhile since I’ve posted on this site, but I assure you that occasionally I still do stop in and check it out, particularly after Kevin manages to intercept me on gchat while I’m checking my email.

Anyway, I had a question for everyone. What is everyone’s plans for next week (the week of 3/20-3/27)? It’s my spring break, and as I have nothing in particular at all planned, I was thinking of taking a random road trip to basically wherever I feel like. Now, if people are going to be in their respective locations (Mike- Chicago, Patrick- Indiana/Bloomington, Kevin- NY), I was thinking of hitting up all or some of these locations on the way. Obviously though, it would suck to go to these places when you’re not there, so I wanted to check in and figure out what people are doing that week, and then go from there.

This is just a preliminary idea, but I figured I’d get the ball rolling. Let me know what you’re up to, and I can start figuring out what I’m going to be doing over spring break.

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  1. Comment by Kevin:

    Oh man, that would be sick if you actually did that. I will be around for all of those days, and my spring break actually begins 3/26.

  2. Comment by Dan:

    Alright, I might be heading in the direction of New York then. It’s only a 2 day drive if I go direct. I might stop and see my brother in Bethlehem, PA depending on what his plans are. This could be a good trip.

  3. Comment by Mike:

    Unfortunately, I won’t be around then because Nat and I are going to Death Valley March 21-27.

  4. Comment by Dan:

    Mike, what about the 20th? I’m not sure if you need time to make plans and pack and whatnot, but if you would like to hang out right before you leave for Death Valley I could come into Chicago and then head out around the same time you guys do. Of course, if you’d rather have the space to get things organized for Death Valley, that’s fine too.

  5. Comment by Patrick:

    Hey, Amy and I are on spring break in Colorado right now, but we go back to Bloomington on Friday 3/19.

    Dan, we would absolutely love to see you! We’ve got a sofa and an air mattress with your name on it! Let me know when you are thinking about it!

  6. Comment by Mike:

    Like you said, I do have to prepare for the trip on Saturday, so it wouldn’t be the best time for you to come all the way up here. A reunion some other time would be fun though. It’s been a really long time.

    How much longer are you going to be in Urbana? Two years? I’m curious, do you have any idea where you want to end up living after that? What about you, Patrick?

  7. Comment by Mike:

    * “(cough) Chicago (cough)” (damn you, internet, for taking away my brackets)

  8. Comment by Dan:

    That’s fine, Mike, we’ll catch up later. I should have more time to come up to Chicago now that my Law Review Note is done (basically the law school equivalent of a thesis). I’ll be in Champaign for one more year after this, and then I move to basically wherever I get a job. It’s really hard to say whether I will practice in Illinois or California at this point, but I will decide next year before I take the bar. I’m working at the SEC in San Francisco this summer, which points to CA, but obviously U of I points to Chicago.

    Patrick, I’ll definitely stop by then. I was thinking of coming early in the week, possibly Saturday the 20th or Sunday the 21st. Which of these is better for you? Also, is your number still the same? 303-64*-**** (public website). This is so going to happen. Champaign-Bloomington-Long Island and back.

  9. Comment by Patrick:

    Hey Dan! Either Saturday or Sunday would work. Amy doesn’t have class Monday, while I have a doctor’s appointment in the morning and class at 4:30pm. However, there may be a slight problem with coming in on Saturday. We are scheduled to fly out from Colorado tomorrow (Friday) evening, but there is currently a winter storm warning and up to 2 feet of snow expected overnight, so we could be grounded.

    My cell phone number is indeed the same, so let’s stay in touch tomorrow and saturday to make sure we will actually be in Bloomington when you get there.

  10. Comment by Dan:

    Alright, I’ll give you a call tomorrow and check in and see how things are going. I wasn’t planning on leaving until Saturday afternoon or so at the earliest anyway. It’s a short hop from here to Bloomington. My phone number has changed, but it’s on facebook, so if you need to contact me just look for it on there and give me a call.

  11. Comment by Patrick:

    Hey man, just wanted to let you know, we were delayed but finally have made it to Bloomington circa 2:30 am. I gotta go to the Vet early in the morning to pick up the bird, but otherwise was just gonna chill (and do my taxes), so give me a call. And I’ll call you/send you a message with my address and all tomorrow.

    Amy and I really looking forward to seeing you!

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