Thanks, again, Mr. Deity

Posted on Thursday, January 31st, 2008 at 11:00 am.

Edit: New picture

So yesterday I posted about a personal deity/god/angel/guy watching me on CCTV that was fulfilling my wishes by combining my favorite things (Hockey and Ireland). Well He’s done it again.

So I have been obsessing over the game Assassin’s Creed ever since Kevin told me about it. For those of you that don’t know about it, you get to run around fully realized cities from about 800 years ago: Jerusalem, Acre and Damascus. Sweet. I however, only have Wii, and my PC is crappy, so barring Kevin giving me a 360 Elite (*hint* Kevin, *hint*), I have no way of playing it.

Well, last night I was watching my Colorado Avalanche take on Amy’s Chicago Blackhawks. We ended up winning 6-3, thanks mostly to Jose Thedore’s slick performance in goal. However, at the start of the third period Theo left the game with back spasms. This signaled the entry of back-up goalie Peter Budaj into the game.

Now, although Budaj was our starting goalie at the beginning of the year, Theo has wrestled the #1 job away from him playing the last 12 straight games. Sometime during this span of games Budaj got a new goalie mask, which he debuted last night:

Budaj's new mask

If you look at the the side of his mask (where its covering his right ear), you will see none other than Altaïr, the assassin and main character from Assassin’s creed. Fucking SWEET!

I don’t have a hosted picture showing the other side of his helmet, but if you follow the following link, you will see Altaïr on the other side of the mask as well, and Ned Flanders on the back of the mask:

*Avs vs. Blackhawks, Jan. 30, 2008

So, whoever the guy is out there doing these things, you just made my day(s).

Edit: This should help you see Altaïr, or at least make you laugh at my retarded paint skillz.

Budaj's new mask explained

2 comments to “Thanks, again, Mr. Deity”

  1. Comment by Kevin:

    I honestly don’t see Altair there…I’ll have to take your word for it. At most I see a sword extending into the jaw portion, but everything else is too obscured.

  2. Comment by Kevin:

    Okay that actually helped…now I feel stupid because I was just staring at the part at his ear. Also, nice writing.

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