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interesting thing I noticed on South Park

Posted on Tuesday, September 11th, 2007 at 8:54 am.

*EDIT: YouTube took down the original clip because of the Comedy Central copyright…but apparently this one with Spanish subtitles is okay. The volume is actually better too. -K

Maybe I’m the last to hear this (it’s probably been on 4Chan a lot and I just never heard about it) but I finally got around to rewatching the Ninja Weapons episode of South Park and translating the song that they play while the ninjas are fighting. Here is the result:

A wonderful penis

has ball hair.

Is that sound monkey cunt?

No, there are Ninjas!

Hey Hey let’s go! Fight!

Important object. Protect my balls.

I am bad. So let’s fighting.

Let’s fighting love. Let’s fighting love.

You probably already all knew this and I am wasting my time. If not, I figured this would be a forum that would appreciate it.